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KS Revitalizer Leave In is the solution to your hair conditioner problems. This great leave-In conditioner will help replenish your hair. It’s a great detangler that will leave your hair silky smooth. It helps nourish and hydrate all color processed hair. It is great to use on medium to thick hair as it might weigh fine hair down. The revitalizer will bring your hair back to life.  Best of all it actually works. All KS Haircare products are professionally salon tested and has a 100% guarantee!

This great leave-in has nourishing benefits.  It detangles hair, prevent split ends, controls frizz, repair dry and damage hair  leaving it silky and smooth.  It also protects the color from fading so quickly.  Reduces hair breakage and protects from thermal styling.

  • Strandguard complex protects hair from environmental factors that can fade color and cause premature degradation of the hair structure.
  • Sunflower Seed Extract acts as a natural sunscreen that guards against color fading and/or brasiness in hair
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract and Spearmint protects the hair from environmental damages using powerful antioxidants
  • Certified Organic Extracts, including California Lemon and Natural Bergamot, add softness and shine.

DIRECTIONS:  Apply to damp hair after shampooing and conditioning. Focus on dry, damaged areas such as ends.

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